Jacket PAH1003

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Single back piece.

Three buttons (+1) single breasted lounge jacket with breasted darts.

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Single back piece, no vent in tail and without a mantigale.

Three buttons (plus one below waistline) single breasted lounge jacket with breasted darts.

Notch lapel: Cran width 3.5, lapel width 7 cm, cran height 3 cm, cran angle 90º , neckline depth of the front  piece 6.5 and lapel depth 5 cm. 

Breast pocket.

Two piece set-in sleeve lounge jacket, slack sleeve head 4.5 cm 

Sleeve vent: 4 buttons, button diameter 24 lines (15,2mm), distance between the button edge and the sleeve bottom 2.5 cm, distance between the buttons edges 5mm, distance between the buttons edge and the sleeve vent edge 3 mm.