Basic pattern jacket body

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Jacket’s men base pattern, medium width (5 or 6 cm), DROP -6.

Available in three lengths per size.

Body/sleeve pattern contents:

  • Front with dart
  • Side body
  • Back
  • top sleeve
  • under sleeve
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  • Términos y condiciones Términos y condiciones

Jacket’s base pattern is split in two different patterns: body and sleeve.

We offer the jacket’s base body pattern in three waist posterior length: L, M & S.
The Jacket’s base sleeve patterns have three different arm lengths: L, M & S.

You can combine different arm lengths & waist posterior lengths to reach the yours must appropriate pattern of the Jacket’s base.
The regular association between body & sleeves patterns of the same size is the same length.
For example, body pattern size 48 length L with sleeve pattern size 48 length L.

You can find the complementary pattern in epigraph “COMPLEMENTARY PATTERNS”.

Comocubriruncuerpo base americana

Comocubriruncuerpo base americana

Comocubriruncuerpo base americana


Complementary patterns